Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Your Move App updated - now make your move on ChessOK and mychess!

What's new in Your Move 1.2.1


* Added support for and ChessOk correspondence servers

* Multiple Logins - Now you can login to your ICCF, Scheming Mind, ChessOK & accounts, all on a single device, using a single App!

* [PRO] Export the game (ongoing or finished) via Email/FB/Twitter or send it to other Chess Apps installed on your device

* Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

[Android] iChess v3.6.1 released!

iChess v3.6.1 was released today with the following changes:

* You can now reset the Bird view and start solving afresh! (See Bird View screen - Menu - Reset). This will not affect your score

* If your puzzles PGN has a comment, then iChess will show it underneath the board.

* Better Fritz color
* Better support for foreign language PGNs
* Fixed some puzzles
* Other enhancements under the hood!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Whats New in Chess Book Study v2.5! [Android]

v2.5 of Chess Book Study Android app was released today! [FREE / PRO]

Chess Book Study Store!
Chessdom Chess Insider PDFs/PGNs are now available for purchase from inside the App!
Read GM Analysis and reports of the historic Candidates 2014, European Individual Chp or the Gashimov Memorial. More coming soon...
You can even copy the PDF/PGN and view them on your Computer!*
(Please upgrade Ebookdroid (Chess) app to see the extra Menu option. Else use the Quick Action menu > Store)

Annotation Editor
You can effortlessly add annotations and comments to multiples moves from a single screen!


  • Board Colors - You can choose different Board colors. What more, the board/app background changes according to the chosen color!
  • Sound - Enable/disable sound

Promote Variation
In the Notation view, tap an already selected move or touch and hold to see more options, including the Promote Variation option.

Bug fixes and Misc changes
This release also includes some bug fixes and PGN library changes.

Play Store Links

* The files are stored on your sdcard. (/sdcard/Android/data/com.pereira.booknboard{.paid}/files/)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Chess Book Study Tips n Tricks

Chess Book Study v2.5 was released today (May 27th, 2014).
These are some handy tips and tricks.

Swipe to load next/prev game
Once you load a game from the Games browser, you can simply swipe the board left/right to load the next/previous game!

Already in v2.1...
Swipe to flip board
Just like the Analyze This app, you can now swipe your finger down on the board to quickly turn/flip the board!

Double tap book to show/hide board
Many of you requested for a quick way to show/hide the board. Now, just tap your finger twice (doube tap) on the book to show or hide the board (and notation)

Free Chess ebooks
You can download some free (copyright free) ebooks right from within the app.
Click Menu > Open eBook > Opds browser (folder icon with a globe) > Free Chess ebooks
Once the book is downloaded, press the Back key and you should see it in the Library, or you can manually locate it in the Downloads folder.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Follow Chess 1.0 released!! Now follow moves from multiple Chess tournaments

  Follow Chess v1.0 for Android was released today! With it, you can now watch multiple Chess tournaments in multi-board format!

Check out moves from multiple international chess tournaments.
Currently broadcasting Women's Grand Prix, 14th Bangkok Club Open, Danish National Class, Fagernes International and Dubai Open!!
Dont like the Ads? See Menu - Remove Ads to remove all Ads and go Pro! This will also unlock all features that may be added in the future!

TIP : Tap on any board in the multi-screen view to launch the offline Analysis Board.

Offline Analysis Board - Play through the moves or even enter you own moves to understand the nuances of the game!
Please note that this board will not auto-refresh if new moves are made in the actual game.
Hit the Menu - Analyze This and you get the full game (with your variations!) into Analyze This app for saving, sharing and further analysis!

TIP : Instant Engine Analysis - Double tap the board in this screen to launch the instant engine analysis with my Analyze This app!
TIP : Flip Board - Like my other Chess apps, swipe your finger down on the board to flip the board!

The app supports nearly 5300 Android devices!!! As usual, there could be issues with certain devices running on certain Android versions. If you are one of those unlucky ones, please send me an email at and I would be able to fix it. Leaving a review on the Play Store, does not give me enough information to fix the issue; so it will remain as it is! Instead, pls mail me!

Even if there is no issue, just mail me with your feedback. I like to listen to em!


Future Features
- Games from previous rounds
- Pairing & Schedule
- Results
...till then, happy viewing!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chess Book Study for iPad - Help

1. How do I copy my personal ebooks?
Connect your iPad to iTunes on your Mac or PC. (You can also connect it on Linux.) Then locate the Chess Book Study App's Documents folder. Copy your book to the Documents folder and you are done! (Disconnect your iPad and the book should be visible)
Please note that only ebooks/magazines in PDF format are supported.

2. What features does the iOS app currently support?
Add/View Bookmarks - You can add multiple bookmarks or jump to bookmarked page.
Brightness - Change screen brightness (useful when reading in low light)
Show/Hide board - You can view the book in full screen by hiding the board
Board Colors - Choose a different board color
New Board

Following features are in the Pro version only:
Position Setup [PRO] - Set up a new board position
Flip board [PRO]

3. Tip to navigate the book - tap bottom for next page, tap top for previous page
You can swipe through the pages of the books. Additionally, you can tap the bottom of the book to load next page. Tap the top of the book to view previous page.

Got an issue? Please email me at

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Should Anand win the Candidates?

A smiling Anand at the Candidates 2014
(pic by @NastiaKarlovich)

Note, the question is no longer, "Will Anand win the Candidates?" since this is now put to rest after the first 6 rounds. But my question is; should he?

Today is a rest day for the players and me too (after a BIG Analyze This app release). So I thought it was a good day to rest a bit, take a break from programming and ponder over this Q.

"Should Anand win the Candidates?!".
Sounds dubious, doesn't it? After all, which player would not want to win a tournament and challenge Magnus Carlsen himself!? And which fan would not want his favorite star to win the Candidates? But should he?

Before I start getting threat calls from Chennai, and Vishy himself 'unfriends' me on FB and stops following on Twitter, let me make it clear. I am a big Anand-fan and would like to see him play forever!

There is no doubt about his stature. He is a legend who has single-handedly carried the expectations of a million Indians Chess fans (and one of the reason I quit my full-time job and started working on my Chess Apps and eBooks). He has won everything there was worth winning.

And the way he is currently playing, is a treat to watch. Then, why this question?

Lets take 3 likely scenarios when the Candidates tourney ends:

Scenario 1 : Anand plays badly here-after (r6) and ends up somewhere in the middle of the standing.
This will be obviously bad for him and his fans, especially after a dream start like this. We fans and probably Anand himself would not have imagined that he would be in sole lead after 6 rounds!
This will be quite disastrous.

Scenario 2 : Anand wins the Candidates and the right to challenge Carlsen (again!). Many Chess fans would think this would be the easiest pairing for Carlsen and a lop-sided match. I am sure even Carlsen, would probably stop practicing on his Play Magnus app and stop drinking Orange Juice. He might even take up additional modelling assignments or sign-up a movie! ("Board Wars - Return of the Tiger" starring Liv Tyler and some south Indian dude).

But would Anand himself like to play Carlsen again? Carlsen is strong, but not unbeatable. And he might even take some inspiration from the Rocky movies. According to reports, Anand was initially planning to skip the Candidates (probably because he wanted a nice break and wasn't really thinking of matching Carlsen again). Would the Chess-world (barring Indian fans), be excited again to watch the match? (well I bet, on any given day a Carlsen-Anand match would have more viewers than a Carlsen-XYZ match)
Anand will now need to spend months in intense preparation if he has to beat Carlsen.

If Anand defeats Carlsen, does it make Anand more greater than he already is? It would be another feather in his overcrowded hat and an impossible comeback! But at some point, the new generation has to overtake the older while the legends fade, and that is perfectly natural!
If Anand loses again, the cycle repeats!?

Scenario 3 : Anand narrowly misses the ticket and finishes 2nd in the Candidates. Probably Aronian beats him on tiebreaks.
Fans will definitely be sympathetic towards Anand and be happy that against all odds, he played a superb tournament and the "tiger is back". No hard feelings. Even Anand would feel good about his performance.
Anand goes on a nice extended holiday with his family, feeling content that he performed his best and came very close to winning it. He gains a dozen rating points and is having a good time, till his next tournament. Less pressure!

What do you think? Should Anand win the Candidates?